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Join Team Verraros!

-Team Verraros-


Who is Team Verraros?
 Team Verraros is an Elite Team of fans of Jim Verraros.


What is the function of Team Verraros?
 The function of Team Verraros is to Promote Jim Verraros and get him more known than just "The Boy who did Sign Language on American Idol".


What are the members responsabilities?
 It will be up to the members to hand out Flyers telling people about Jim, Team Verraros, His newsletter and his official website. Team Verraros members will also have special T-Shirts to wear :)


Why are you starting Team Verraros?
 To show Jim how much we love and support him. How he has been a great role model in our lives and he has changed us all in many different ways.


Join TeamVerraros by E-mailing Please list any Ideas for the Team or any info you would like to share with us.
Our first Mission as a team will be to hand out flyers at the Kelly Clarkson/Clay Aiken Tour :)

Thank You.

Team Leader: Jon Borbone
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