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Well, I searching around a bit and I find this community and so I squee'd over that, and then I realize that this community hasn't been updated since June!!

So I figured I should come in and inform you all of what's been going on. Jim's recorded an album, Unsaid and Understood. The songs are all really good.

About his movie. It's called "Eating Out" and it's a gay porn indie film. It's about this guy who likes this girl, so his gay friend (Jim) tells him to pretend he's gay to get close to her. No really, it actually looks pretty fun and I can't wait to see it when it comes out next year.

Also, just thought I'd post a few new pictures that are on his offical site.

love this pic

mm. car.

Oh, a couple other things... Two of Jim's songs, 'I Want You' and 'Unsaid' are on the soundtrack for Eating Out. Also, 'I Want You' is on a complication cd called, Bi The People.

If anyone wants to hear tracks from his album, im me at harleylovesmik.
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The last time I checked, had gone belly up. Which really sucks, because now how am I going to get my JimFix?

Does anyone know if Jim's music is going to be made available through another site?
Luckily, I stole saved every single track the day before went kaput. So I have every song. That, and there's 4 of the songs up for download on his site.
I shamelessly snagged those songs which were new to me about a week or so before the site went down. Which songs were the last ones to be added? I think I have them all, unless he added some more mere days before went belly up.
I have 15 songs:
Everything I Have
Hold On
I Want You
Lost In The Dark
One More Time
So Deep
Unchanged (acoustic)
Welcome To Hollywood
Yesterday Is Gone
You Could Be (MMM)
Last time I heard from Jim, he said that had bought out and they eventually would be hosting his music. So I'll see if I can't find the answers. I dunno if ne1 is even still intrested *shrugs*